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At Valentus Global, we're rewriting the rules of success. Our Affiliate program has been designed to motivate the network marketing newcomer as well as the seasoned professional. Market leading products are just the beginning; our internationally recognized compensation plan is perfectly balanced to propel you forward and help you achieve sustainable financial growth. Not only that, but we equip you with all the tools, digital assets, training and support you’ll ever need to launch your business and go after the success you want. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a life of abundance. Discover the change you’ve been looking for!

Preferred Customers

Valentus Global products have been tried and tested for over 9 years in 96 countries around the world. With over $300 million of products sold, you can be confident that our customers trust them and keep coming back. So, what if you just love the products but want Affiliate pricing? Join our Preferred Customer program and get in on the action at the wholesale level. Weight management, immune support and smart supplements are even more affordable when you sign up. Even better it costs absolutely nothing to join. And if you decide later that you would like to join the Affiliate program and benefit from the Valentus Global compensation plan, it’s just a hop skip and a jump.

Pre-Enrolled Affiliate

Love the theory of starting your own affiliate business, but not sure on the practice? Why not sign up as a pre-enrolled affiliate and test drive the opportunity before you fully commit? As a pre-rolled affiliate, you can start to sell products and even build your Affiliate team without any financial input. Once you have proved the concept and begin to see progress, you can place your product order and away you go! Whilst we always encourage prospective business builders to jump in with both feet and go for it, we recognise that there will be those who are more cautious. If you are one of these, the pre-enrolled Affiliate position is absolutely perfect.