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Welcome to Valentus Global, Where Community Matters

Valentus Global was created not only with your success, but also with your experience in mind. As a Network Marketing Professional, we want you to enjoy the journey; to build your team and grow your business according to your lifestyle requirements, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Our objective is simple: to provide an opportunity for you to live your best life, make a positive impact on the world, and start a business that maximizes your time, talents, and resources. We are committed to supporting you in becoming the best version of yourself so that you can live a life you truly love!

Building Lifelong Bonds.

Valentus Global is all about fostering a sense of trust, commitment, and unity around a shared purpose. Lifelong friendship have been forged and unwavering team alliances have been built. Affiliates come from all walks of life and it is the sum of their experiences that make Valentus Global a diverse, vibrant, dynamic and wonderful universe in which to work.

Perhaps, this is what sets Valentus Global apart from other companies. The fact that we operate as one tribe, cultivating a culture that values honesty, hard work, integrity, passion, and fun; an environment in which our highest aspirations align and we all thrive together.

Valentus Global

Working From Home Means More!

Be a part of something special

Life is too short to spend every day wishing you were doing something else with someone else. And yet how rare an opportunity is it to find a place where you feel you belong.

When we describe Valentus Global as a business which allows you to work from home, we aren’t just talking about the location of your activity but the feeling you have when you’re working. We want every new Valentus Global Affiliate to feel like they’ve come home.

Valentus Global

We See You


We’re all cheering each other on. At Valentus Global, effort and accomplishment are not only acknowledged but celebrated and rewarded. We take pride in recognizing those who have achieved their goals and made a positive difference in the lives of others.

Success stories serve as inspiration for us all, and we are dedicated to giving well-deserved recognition to hardworking members of our community. Whether that is a newcomer who sponsored their first Affiliate or the established leader who just took their next step to the top.

Discover Your Passion

We work hard and we play hard.

While we take the time to create a meaningful impact, we also want to enjoy the journey.

Valentus Global isn't just about offering high-quality nutritional supplements and affordable discounted travel products, we want to make a difference on an individual basis. We are a community of like-minded individuals striving to help one another along the way. Our purpose is to build a world of physical and financial wellness, where you can unleash your full potential, forge new friendships, and have amazing experiences.

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